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Where there’s smoke there’s fire? For their sake, we hope not.

But the rumors are out there that Shakira and Gerard Pique are splitting after 12 years together.

According to Barcelona media outlet El Periodico, the soccer star, 35, “cheated” on the Colombian superstar, 45, and they will announce the breakup soon.

And again, time will tell.

Shakira and Pique have two sons together, Sasha, 7, and Milan, 9. The “Dancing with Myself” cohost posted a picture on Mother’s Day getting cuddled by the adorable brothers on a beach. Pique was nowhere to be seen.

“With one kiss they can cure it all and make it worth your while to keep fighting for them,” said the singer’s somewhat cryptic caption.

The last time Shak posted a snap with her longtime love whom she met while shooting the music video for her 2010 FIFA World Cup anthem, “Waka Waka,” was more than three months ago.

Under the Valentine’s Day post, which received over 2 million likes, are various gossipers lamenting the alleged fissure of the relationship.

“You are great! The best decision you’ve made,” wrote one. “Yes it’s very painful, but you saved your life removing a [bleep] out of your life. Bravo!!! Never lose yourself and never forgive such things! You deserve the best!”

Another sympathizer referenced “Te Felicito” (I Congratulate You), a new track with Alejandro Rauw: “Now we understand why you sang such a sad song.”

Lyrics include: “To complete you, I broke into pieces. They warned me, but I didn’t listen. I realized that your love is false. It was the final drop that tipped over the glass. Don’t tell me you’re sorry. That seems sincere but I know you well and I know you lie. I congratulate you, how well you act, of that I have no doubt. Your script continues. That show suits you well.”

The last time Shakira appeared on Pique’s timeline was last July.

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