Russian soldiers trampled a field to form a derogatory slur for Ukrainians – the word khokhly

Russia’s war against Ukraine is in its fourth month.

The slur, made by trampling flora in the field, was quickly noticed by
Ukrainian air reconnaissance and passed along to Ukrainian artillery teams, Come Back Alive noted.

“God, what assholes,” the foundation’s press service stated, citing a
Ukrainian meme.

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In the comments, the invaders were “praised” for their persistence, because trampling an inscription into a field, is no walk in the park — it takes a lot of effort.

“(The Russians) managed it, their message was read,” wrote one commentator, after noting the blast crater in the photo.

Earlier, a group of hackers calling themselves the Obfuscated Dreams of Scheherazade created the website, which allows anyone to call a member of the Russian government and waste their time on the phone.

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