While speaking at the Hispanic Leadership Conference in Miami, former President Donald Trump turned not knowing the U.S. population total into a rant on immigration. The GOP believes that the Biden Administration is mishandling immigration and the situation going on at the border has been a prominent point of concern.

TRUMP: “We will never be behind China even though they have slightly more people than we do, like about a billion more. They have 1.5 billion we have actually, our country’s so crazy now we don’t even know how many we have. We have no idea because I believe the number of people that came into our country and will come in this year is 10 million people, not three million, could even be 12 million people. We have absolutely no idea what it is. So it’s hard to say how many people we have, because we have no idea how many people have come into our country illegally. But we already know what we must do. That we know.”

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