The Democratic National Committee and its joint fundraising arm racked up another record-breaking fundraising quarter to kick off 2022, bringing in $16.8 million in March and more than $42 million over the past three months even as the party stares down a brutal midterm environment.

Its the party’s highest March total ever in a midterm year, according to a DNC spokesperson. The numbers, obtained by POLITICO ahead of the monthly filing deadline, are a bright spot for a party that’s defending razor-thin margins in the House and Senate this fall.

In particular, the DNC touted its small-dollar fundraising totals from supporters who gave $200 or less to the committee. Small-dollar donations accounted for over half of the total raised by the DNC in the first quarter, with the average online donation coming in at $26. In recent years, the DNC has built a formidable small-dollar machine, hauling in huge sums of cash from individual givers that were particularly animated during the Trump era.

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