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Fox News host Brian Kilmeade told viewers Saturday night how President Biden’s dismal approval ratings and cracks in his family’s protection signals that the president’s luck could be running out.

BRIAN KILMEADE: For the last two years, you could argue that President Biden has been the luckiest man on the face of the earth. Think about it. After crashing and burning in the debates, caucuses and primaries, he was gifted the nomination because he was the only one who could stop socialist, populist Bernie Sanders who would have lost 45 states in the general. Speaking of the general, his opponent, President Donald Trump, is one of the best campaigners ever, right? Yet Joe, a two-time presidential failure couldn’t draw a dozen people to a huge stadium. Then suddenly, Lucky Joe became the only one I know to benefit from the pandemic. The candidates were off the road by force. President Trump could not rally, and Joe had an excuse to stay home. Combine that with the Trump-hating press and massive new voting rules, Joe Biden had the White House. But now it seems Scranton Joe’s luck is running out.

President Biden was spotted on a beach in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware on Saturday afternoon.
(Fox News)

Despite an overly compliant press, as I mentioned, Biden’s approval hovering around 40%, some of it at 36. Only 60% of the adults in this country think we’re heading in the right direction as a nation. Believe it or not, President Biden’s average approval is actually lower than President Trump’s at this time and below that of every other one of his predecessors dating back to World War II. And he’s furious about it. You know, I’m used to the president blaming Republicans, but this is a new one. He’s taking aim at his own White House. Rumbles of a staff shakeup amid NBC reporting and other outlets, too, by the way, that the Biden White House is adrift and rife with management breakdowns. In fact, he’s at war with his own communications team. Then there’s the family problem. Massively he has protected his family for 40-plus years. Now there’s cracks in some of that family protection. Even crack and hooker enthusiast Hunter Biden now networks is suddenly examining his dicey deals with enemy nations. Affirming the laptop from hell is actually his laptop. Could it be closer for Hunter to actually feel an indictment? 


And his brother, Jim Biden, is feeling the heat, doing a rare interview claiming he is not the fixer of the family, even though Joe called him the fixer of the family… But the question is, what story is Uncle Jim trying to get ahead of? Hunter’s indictment or his own? There’s no question about it. Five-hundred-plus days in this is not where Joe Biden thought he would be with this presidency and definitely not where his supporters thought things would stand. We are seeing historic inflation zapping the savings of everyday Americans, delaying retirements, vacations, car purchases, home improvements, a labor shortage with no end in sight, hamstringing big businesses and small and record gas prices stressing families. Diesel prices crushing truckers. But don’t expect things to get better any time soon. 


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