VALENTYNA ROMANENKO – THURSDAY, 28 APRIL 2022, 14:09 The Security Service of Ukraine has exposed a hidden warehouse of tank spare parts intended for the occupiers in Kharkiv. Source: SSU spokesman Artem Dekhtiarenko Details: There were 19 tank engines in the underground storage, as well as other components for armoured vehicles. The total value of the discovered property, according to the intelligence service, is about $1.5 million. It is enough to repair half of the tank battalion, says Dekhtiarenko. The Security Service of Ukraine has established that a 61-year-old Kharkiv resident set up an illegal stash place. It is noted that the man conspired with employees of local enterprises of the military-industrial complex and organised the theft and accumulation of 5TDFA tank engines. Quote: “According to the Security Service, these units were planned to be handed over to the Russian occupying forces in case of their entry into Kharkiv. Russian T-64 tanks are still equipped with the engines of this modification. Significantly modernised engines with increased power and reliability have been installed on Ukrainian tanks of a similar layout since the beginning of the 2000s.” Reference: Security Service investigators have already initiated criminal proceedings for treason committed under martial law. Investigative and operational measures are underway to identify the entire circle of people involved in this crime. It has not been reported yet about the suspicion of the intruder. Background: In the Kharkiv region, the Security Service of Ukraine exposed a secret warehouse with ammunition and components for military equipment worth $200 million.

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