Detectives located the body of a grandmother who went missing in North Carolina two years ago after a pet duck helped crack the case.

Nellie Sullivan went missing in 2020, and her body was found earlier this month by law enforcement, according to a Facebook post from the Buncombe County Sheriff’s Office.

Sgt. Mark Walker told ABC 13 that a pet duck led them to her body.

“Apparently, the duck ran underneath the trailer at 11 Beady Eyed Lane, and as they were chasing after their pet duck, they ran across the container that Nellie Sullivan was located in,” Walker told the outlet. “If I could give that duck a medal, I would.”

Mark Barnes and Angela Wamsley, Sullivan’s granddaughter, were charged with first-degree murder, according to the Facebook post.

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An investigation into Sullivan’s whereabouts opened in December 2020, and both Barnes and Wamsley were taken into custody. At that time they faced charges unrelated to the case.

A year later they were charged with concealing a death, and in April charged with first-degree murder after Sullivan’s body was found, according to the Facebook post.

Walker told ABC 13 that Wamsley and Barnes continued to collect Sullivan’s social security and retirement benefits while also filling her prescriptions.

“Instead of receiving the care she needed from those that are supposed to love her the most, she received the exact opposite in the worst possible way,” he told the outlet.

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