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Five individuals and a dog were all found killed in a Duluth, Minnesota home on Wednesday morning, with little explanation.

Police found the five bodies at a home in Duluth’s East Hillside. Police were out on a welfare check for an individual in a nearby neighborhood which led them to the home. Suspecting the individual was armed and dangerous, the police arrived and entered the home. All five individuals are thought to be related, according to local outlet WCCO.

“Things happened today that can’t be undone,” said Duluth Mayor Emily Larson. “Tonight we are a community in pain and shock, sharing a sorrow for the loss of our people. [Duluth Police Department with] support of other jurisdictions responded to a call today where 5 people & 1 dog were found deceased.”


“More [information] will be provided as identities and details are confirmed. [Thank you] to the first responders who answered the call. My heart, like yours, absolutely hurts for the pain of loved ones and the fear people likely experienced on their final day here with us,” she concluded.

Neighbors stated that four of the individuals were a family – a mother, father, and two young daughters. The individual for whom the police were conducting a welfare check is believed to be the fifth individual.

“Earlier today an unimaginable tragedy that struck our community. One that really is very, very difficult to us. Makes us have heavy, heavy hearts,” Duluth Police Chief Mike Tusken told WCCO.


The identities of the victims have not yet been released as the police contact their relatives. A motive

No information on the cause of death has been released.


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