How To Use of RSS Feeds

You can use RSS feeds to improve the volume of traffic to your website. The feeds are a simple way to syndicate content to a variety of people. You will then have opportunities to build the contact list within your possession. It is also possible to have some SEO benefits by securing some backlinks through […]

The Benefits of Using RSS Feeds

It’s not hard to know how to increase your RSS subscribers. This is not rocket science. However, you will find that many webmasters and bloggers find it difficult to convert their readers into RSS subscribers. Why is this happening? This is because they did not focus on the most important things. People are only forced […]

Your RSS Feed Might Look Like Spam

  A mindful modifying of your RSS feed can make the difference in between being categorized as authentic web content or RSS spam. While RSS customers can commonly unsubscribe to feeds they regard as spam, searching with key phrases in an RSS search engine is where the trouble emerges. Clicking the feed title takes the […]